Basic information

Basic information

Company name:
Hoteli Jadran dioničko društvo za hotelijerstvo

Abbreviated company name:
Hoteli Jadran d.d.

Registered head office:
Jadranska 2, 21330 Gradac

T: +385 21 608 540
F: +385 21 608 568

Court of registration:
Split Commercial Court
Registration No. (MBS) : 060040135
Corporate ID. No. (MB) : 3036154
Personal identification No. (OIB): 18099276986 

21.423.000,00 kn, fully paid in, 107.115 ordinary shares, with nominal amount of 200,00 kuna.

Registered activity:
Core activity – hospitality and tourism and other associated activities which facilitate the performance of core activities.   

Domestic bank account:
IBAN: HR9423400091100010547 , Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d.

Foreign bank account:
IBAN: HR9423400091100010547, SWIFT pbzghr2x, Privredna Banka Zagreb d.d.

Management Board
Cecilia Nikoletta Fata, President of the Management Board

Soma Zoltán Dala, Member of Management Board

Supervisory Board: 
Dániel Jellinek, Chairman of Supervisory Board