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Discover Trpanj


Welcome to Trpanj, a picturesque southern Dalmatian town located on the northwest side of the Pelješac peninsula.

Trpanj is a small town with a rich history dating back to ancient times. An old historical and fishing village with crystal clear sea, plenty of beaches and hidden coves, behind which some of the most famous Croatian wineries are located.

Explore all the beauties of Trpanj in the way which fits you the most, rent a kayak, bicycle or dive into the rich underwater world with expert guidance. Decide to visit local wineries, experience the charm of producing the highest quality wine drops.

Vacation in Trpanj

A paradise for recreationists

Whether you are a recreationist or just want to enjoy romantic walks, Trpanj offers real little gems, a 2 km long promenade by the sea or a 15 km long bike path that leads you all the way to the bays of Divna and Duba.

The offer is multitude. It is up to you to decide.

A pleasant vacation

The pleasant atmosphere of this place, healthy indigenous food, natural beauty, as well as the authenticity of a small Mediterranean fishing town will make your vacation more beautiful, richer and relaxed.



Beach Divna is a pebble and sandy beach, located in the bay which has the same name and it’s surrounded by dense forest. Except to the exceptional beauty and crystal clear sea, many visitors are attracted by the perfect combination of sand and fine pebble. Precisely because of this, as well as the nice entrance to the sea, it is ideal for a family vacation, but also for those looking for romantic bays and beautiful landscapes.


Beach Pozora is just a step away from Hotel Faraon. The entrance to the sea is accessible and part of the beach is protected from direct sun by pine trees. All of this makes this beach ideal for small children.


With all beauties of Trpanj beaches, there is one that apart from its natural beauty, attracts people from all over the world due to the healing capacity of the mud. Blace beach is rich with over 22 tons of medicinal mud which has a positive therapeutic effect on the human body according to research and tests.


For all who are looking for peace and relaxation, this sandy-pebble beach is an ideal choice. It is located in Jezero Bay, 1 kilometer from Duba. The beach can be reached only by sea, so your privacy is guaranteed.

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