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Attractions near Hotel Faraon

Pelješac wine routes

We recommend Pelješac wine routes, paradise for all lovers of good wine. With over twenty wineries and wine cellars, in which you can taste a drop of the famous Dingač wine, the best that Pelješac offers.

Cycling paths

Centuries-old vineyards and olive groves, Napoleon’s roads and small towns with stone streets and squares are part of a cycling story in which you will enjoy the Pelješac peninsula. Along the way you will pass by pebble-sandy beach Jezero named after the lake on the mainland, with fresh water, flowing from a brooklet into the sea.

Trpanj olive oil roads

The Trpanj olive oil roads start from Vrila camp, from which 6 km of hiking and cycling trails lead to Velika Prapratna. Walking along the trail you’ll notice centuries-old restored olive groves and drystone walls. Lately more and more new olive groves can be seen as well. At all road crossings and rest areas billboards of the roads with all details and stone benches are set up. These are also lookouts from which you can enjoy in combination of stone, olives and sea.

Paths of medical herbs

Walking trip starts in Donja Vrućica with an ancient route that separates from the paved road to Duba. With its scent and exotic flowers it reveals many medicinal herbs that the trail abounds in (sage, rosemary, heather, and immortelle). Walking along the 2 km long path numerous piles of stone can be seen. Some of them were created by cultivating the land and some are visible traces from the Illyrian era.

Ston Walls

Do you know where the second longest walls in the world are situated, right behind the Great Wall of China? They are located on the peninsula of Pelješac in a little place called Ston. Thanks to the recent renovation, you can take a walk or run the Ston Marathon.

Ston saltworks

You can become part of history as well. Visit the oldest saltworks in Europe where the tradition of picking salt has been carried for 4,000 years and since then, salt has been produced in the same way, by hand picking with the help of the sea, sun and wind.


For those who are addicted to active tourism, Viganj is the right place – a paradise for adrenaline pleasure. Ideal destination for all windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, hiking, biking and stand up paddling lovers.

St. Ilija Peak

If you are in love with mountain peaks, the rocky giant of the southern Adriatic, St. Ilija will take your breath away with its beauty.

Mljet National Park

Visit Odysseus Island, the oldest national park on Mljet a unique place for those who are in love with nature, culture, old customs and Mediterranean air.